Oil, grease, chainsaw, fuel can and more

Saw chain

A high-performance, low-vibration chain with square-corner “chisel” cutters for high-production cutting of clean wood

Two stroke oil, HP

Designed to meet all the tough challenges 2-stroke engine oil can encounter Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil is also formulated to work well with low-quality fuels. The additives are of the highest quality and are specially chosen to lessen deposits a the crankcase which can arise from using low-quality fuel. The oil is designed to suit the entire product range of our 2-stroke products – from the smallest trimmer used all day up to the biggest chainsaw used for heavy felling and limbing in extremely hot or cold conditions.

Mineral Chain oil

Mineral Chain oil with adhesive agent for high-performance chain saws. Very low wear of chains and rails can be guaranteed due to additives which are improving the lubrication. The favourable viscosity facilitates universal use in summer as well as in winter, even during extreme temperatures.

Husqvarna air filter oil

Washes off with soap and water. Provides efficient collection and binding of particles in the filter, for a cleaner engine and less wear.

ECO grease

For brushcutters bevel gears. A proven grease that lubricates the transmission and absorbs the axial forces. Environmentally compatible. Biodegradable.

File kits

Complete filing kit to simplify the work of keeping your chain in trim. With a correct sharpened chain, your work will be easier and safer. The file kit contains a filehandle, combination gauge or a file gauge and depth gauge, two round files and one flat file.

Petrol can green

Specially adapted for lawnmowers and cars with catalytic converters. Flexible fuel pipe facilitates fueling from different angles.

Fuel can 15L

The completely new 15 litre fuel can for wheeled machines offers an innovative way of refuelling. Mainly due to the three uniquely placed, ergonomic grips and the special spout design. All this allows you to easily lift and carry the can, and – most importantly – quickly refuel without any splash effects and waste.

Petrol can 6 litres, orange

This in-house developed petrol can has an effective overfill protection. When the tank is full, the flow is automatically shut off and you can lift the can up without spillage.

Combi can

Our redesigned Combi Can enables you to refuel quickly without splash effects or any waste. In addition, the sizes of the two containers have been adjusted to achieve an optimized fuel and chain oil ratio (5.0 / 2.0)

Combi can

This in-house developed combi can has an effective fuel overfill protection. When the tank is full, the flow is automatically shut off and you can lift the can up without spillage. The cans can be separated from each other, with space for files and tools in between them.

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