PTO Chipper Trailerized Options

All our PTO (tractor driven) chippers are built standard on a 3 point base. Trailerized options are available upon request at an additional cost on all our PTO chippers. Trailerized options make it easier to connect and transport a PTO chipper over longer distances. It also takes a lot of strain off of the tractors 3-point. A PTO chipper can easily be converted to a farm trailer. The drawbar, wheels, and axle are sold separately and are easy to fit. The roadworthy 40km/h trailer option has an un-braked axle and can be towed on public roads at speeds of up to 40km/h. The 120km/h has a braked-axle that can be towed on public roads up to 120km/h. The Roadworthy options are not available aftermarket and needs to be requested before
purchase of a PTO chipper.

Electric Chippers

We give our customers the choice between PTO-Driven, Diesel/Petrol Driven or Electric. When diesel/petrol fumes are a problem, for example when a chipper is working in a factory, it’s better to run the chipper with an electric motor.

Our entire engine driven chipper range can be fitted with electric motors. This can be pre-ordered or fitted aftermarket on all our engine-driven units.

Units are supplied with a 3 phase electric motor and the necessary soft start unit. The unit can be supplied on a frame or on a roadworthy trailer.

Screen Chippers

Looking for a uniform chip without any
oversized material? Our TOMCAT Screen chippers limit oversized material by using a screen that allows the blades to cut the bigger material finer.

Chip size can be adjusted and different screen sizes are available on request. An auger is used to discharge the chips to the side of the chipper.

Auger extensions are available at an additional cost. These chippers are perfect Bos-Tot-Kos applications.

Which product is right for you?

If you’re unsure which product you need for the task at hand please contact our specialist:

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