This Compost Turner is designed, manufactured & purpose-built in South Africa for the agricultural, landscaping, forestry & tree-felling industries

WN1600 & WN3000 Compost Turners

TOMCAT Chippers is proud to announce that it reached an agreement with Wikkelnick to manufacture & supply its range of compost turners under the TOMCAT Brand. There are close to 100 of these units in the market. We are privileged to have the opportunity to continue with Wikkelnick’s legacy and are looking forward to manufacturing many more.

Turning your compost is extremely important as the material must be exposed to enough oxygen which in turn increases microbial activity. Turning the compost stimulates micro-organisms which are required to properly break down coarse material. When you turn compost it must be done quickly, efficiently, and frequently. Closely monitor your compost to determine the ideal turning intervals. The temperature of the compost is measured using a thermometer. At the beginning of the process, the compost needs to be turned in more frequently to mix the compost properly and to activate the process. Compost usually takes between 6 to 12 weeks to make.

Our PTO-driven WN1600 & WN3000 units are built to work through compost heaps efficiently and economically. The WN1600 is for 1.6m rows and the WN3000 is for 3.0m rows. These machines are strongly built with simplicity, which makes them easy to use and maintain. They have been designed to produce microbially active high-quality compost. Tractors with crawl gear with speeds between 250-750 Meters per hour, is a must, for these machines to operate efficiently.

Special hardened steel is used to manufacture the blades to ensure a long lifespan and reduce running/maintenance costs. Each blade is uniquely shaped to bring the compost from the bottom to the top and from the outside to the inside. This allows the compost rows to have a chimney effect to create the perfect flow for CO2/Oxygen. Adding moisture to your compost will increase microbial activity and is an essential part of compost making. A nozzle watering system is built-in (fittings not included) to provide the perfect amount of moisture to your compost. It requires little maintenance and repairs are easy to do when breakages occur.

There’s a hydraulic jack located at the side of the compost turner. The jack is used to lift the machine and tilt it up 90 degrees. The jack can be used when the turner is transported or when a breakdown occurs on the unit while the unit is running and standing in the middle of a row. With the help of the hydraulic jack, the unit is pulled out in seconds instead of workers wasting valuable time trying to dig out the machine with a shovel.


  • 1.6m or 3.0m width
  • Easily replaceable hardened steel blades
  • Each blade shaped for most effective turning
  • Ultra-long lifespan on blades
  • 3-inch hydraulic jack
  • Large counterweights
  • Water spray nozzles ready
  • Low operating costs
  • Adjustable side flaps
  • Produces microbially-active high-quality compost
  • Scrapers for neat rows
  • Simplistic & Strong
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliable, efficient & economical


  • Tractor with Crawler/Creeper Gear
  • Crawler speed: 250 to 750 meters per hour
  • Flat surface for compost
  • 4×4 Tractor when operating in wet conditions

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