Tomcat trailers are designed, manufactured & purpose-built in South Africa for the agricultural, landscaping, forestry & tree-felling industries

Model 100 Transport Trailer

750kg or 1600kg Transport Trailer

A trailer built specifically to transport our TOMCAT Model 100 CDT or TOMCAT Model HB350 Stump Grinder. The 100 Transport Trailer can be built as a normal 750Kg trailer (350Kg Loading Capacity) or 1600Kg trailer (1100Kg Loading Capacity) with a break-axle. A manual winch is mounted in front to assist with the load and off-load of items.

There are 2 ramps located on the side of the trailer which easily release with 4 drop blocks. The tailgate swivels downwards and the ramps are then hooked in at the back of the trailer and allows one person to easily load and off-load items. Hook points are fitted on the inside of the trailer for proper fastening. A spare wheel is also added for peace of mind.


  • SABS Roadworthy Trailer
  • 2 X Ramps
  • 14” Wheels
  • Spare Wheel 
  • Swivel Tailgate
  • Manual Winch
  • 6 Hook Points
  • Weight: 400 or 500kg

Model 6000 Chip Trailer

6 Cube Tip Trailer

Our 6000 CT is a 6 cubic meter heavy-duty tip trailer. This is an independent tip trailer using its own hydraulic system. Fitted on a well-balanced roadworthy double axle 3.5-ton trailer.

It’s built to transport wood chips and made for chippers to discharge directly into the bin from the back. It’s got 2 ramps below the loading deck that can be pulled out and hooked in when smaller equipment needs to be transported inside. The sides are detachable and the back opens easily. A 13Hp Yamaha Petrol Engine supplies the power to drive the hydraulics. The engine is light on fuel and the tipping function is extremely easy to operate. It comes with a spare wheel for added peace of mind.


  • Roadworthy Double Axel 3500Kg Trailer
  • 2 X Ramps
  • Manual Winch
  • Hook Points on Inside 
  • Weight: 1500kg
  • Swivel Tailgate
  • Removable Sides
  • 15” Wheels
  • Spare Wheel

Galvanized Trailers

Galvanized Trailers

This option is when your chipper is working close to the sea or will be transported on a daily basis. The galvanized finish makes the trailer last longer. The Zinc corrodes 30 times slower than steel does, so trailers are better protected from rust and corrosion than standard spray-painted trailers. Little stones jump up while driving causing scratches on the trailer’s paint. This will make it rust quickly especially along the coastline.
Hot-dip galvanized trailers costs a little more initially but are more durable and lasts longer than standard spray-painted trailers.

PTO Chipper Trailerized Options

Farm Trailer

Any of our new Generation 3 TOMCAT PTO chippers can easily be converted to a farm trailer. The drawbar, wheels, axle, bolts, and nuts are sold separately as a kit. The drawbar easily fits to the front section of the chipper. The wheels and axle connects with four bolts and nuts.

40km/h Roadworthy Trailer

The SABS approved roadworthy 40km/h trailer option has an un-braked axle and can be towed on public roads at speeds of up to 40km/h. Its got leaf springs and an eye coupler that connects up to the tractor’s tow bar. It’s got a lower feeding height than the Farm Trailer option and reduces operator fatigue. This option is not available after-market and must be ordered beforehand.

120km/h Roadworthy Trailer

The 120km/h trailer is the same as the 40km/h unit but has a braked-axle that can be towed on public roads up to speeds of 120km/h. The Roadworthy options are not available aftermarket and need to be requested before the purchase of a PTO chipper.

Which product is right for you?

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