Cleaning up leaves isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to do on a Saturday morning. But, it must be done! Just try to think of it as nature’s way to bring some activity into your life. Here are our tips to making leaf clean up a breeze this season, so you can get back to more fun things.


Use the leaf blower for, well, leaves.

You’ve been using your leaf blower all summer long to clean debris off your back patio or blow grass clippings back into the yard. Well, now it’s time to use the leaf blower for its original purpose, LEAVES! Leaf blowers are wonderfully helpful in moving a pile of damp, heavy leaves across the yard or removing leaves from the inner workings of the branches from your shrubs or bushes.

Start high and then move low.

We find the best strategy for leaf removal isn’t to start in the middle of the yard but to work your way from the house and then out. That means getting up on the roof with your trusty leaf blower and blowing the leaves down from the roof and of the gutters. Then move down to the landscape to clear away leaves in your mulch beds and ones that are stuck in bushes. Once you’ve cleared the parameter around your house, then it’s time to work your way out to the rest of the yard.

Get the mower back out.

You may have thought you were done with your mower for the season, but don’t count this handy piece of equipment out when it comes to leaf clean-up. Drop your blade as low as it can go without scraping your lawn (or invest in a mulching kit) to shred leaves into tiny pieces and return back to your lawn as compost to add nourishment to your lawn. Another way your lawnmower can be helpful in leaf clean-up is to use it similar to a leaf blower, to gather leaves.

Don’t forget the tarps.

It’s a bit silly (and very tiring) to move a gigantic pile of leaves across your yard to the bins or skip. There’s a way easier way! The solution is a tarp. Simply lay a tarp out in the yard, rake or blow leaves onto the tarp, and voila, now you can drag the tarp to the bins, skip or burn the pile with ease.

Hopefully, we’ve provided some new and useful information you can put into action during your leaf clean-up to help make it a breeze!  

Leave a comment below, what do you do in your garden in Autumn?

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