Cylinder Mowers
Electric Cylinder Mowers
The electric range is for smaller gardens, starting with the modest 14''(355mm) and goes up to the 25''(630mm) model. The 17'' is the only model that is available in both 550w and 1100w motors.
Petrol Cylinder Mowers
For the bigger garden, the petrol range from professional offers three engine choices. All of which the spares are available from service agents across the country
Tandem Cylinder Mowers
Tandem strives to create user-friendly cylinder mowers for the average size garden. Something to look out for on the Tandem is the fold down handles that loosen with two wing nuts. Tandem Cylinder mowers gives quality cut that any garden enthusiast would appreciate. With features and benefits a lot of competitors can't match.

*Rear roller side adjustment
*Centrifugal clutch on engine
*Micro height adjustment
*Razor quality cut

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